NRC-IRAP: Supporting tommorrow’s next great companies

One of the premier government granting programs, NRC-IRAP helps provide small-to-medium size enterprises (SMEs) with funding directed towards supporting their innovation enhancements. Specifically the IRAP program seeks to advance Canadian business growth through funding new product development,process improvements set to enhance existing systems, or even expansion into new markets with in-depth third party analysis or patent research.  These programs essentially co-fund projects via direct support to engineering teams (salary recovery), or supporting consultant costs (with pre-approved deliverables), even tapping into IRAP’s own network to provide direct expertise.  IRAP also supports youth-based job placements, industry specific program calls, and international joint-research collaborations (Eureka).

The ITA Advantage

A national network of IRAP agents, referred to as Investment Technical Advisors (ITAs) will be your first introduction to NRC-IRAP.  These program specialists are there to help discover new growth companies, networking businesses to opportunities and support program applications. It is crucial that you work with these agents to best inform them of your plans for growth, highlighting near-term initiatives that could use some extra support, and major developments that reflect business progress.  

The need for Green!

Since the signing of the North American Energy deal during the 2016 Three Amigos Summit, there is increasing focus on supporting Clean Technology here in Canada. One response was the launch of the IRAP Green Youth Employment program, which funds youth based internships for candidates under 30years old to work on “green” based roles within Canadian companies.

How can we help you?

Over the years, the team at GetGrants has helped many eligible startups receive IRAP funding through straightforward guided coaching, tracking of key application timelines and internal discovery of great project opportunities that fit the funding mandates.  IRAP applications are accepted year-round so we’d be happy to give you feedback on how to streamline the application materials and ensure proper eligible matching.