Ontario Centres of Excellence- Ontario Can Excel

Many entrepreneurs have heard of the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) but never really taken much thought into how beneficial it for startups to thrive. OCE was started in 1987 with seven independent centres which, come 2004 amalgamated into what OCE is today.

“OCE’s mission is to accelerate innovation through game-changing research leading to successful commercialization and vibrant collaboration between industry and academia, launching the next generation of products and jobs. “

How they go about doing said mission is by providing different programs/initiatives which help start, stabilize and grow your business. Programs include: SmartSeed Funding, SmartStart Seed Funding, Internship programs, specific initiatives such as the TargetGHG to help reduce greenhouse gases and entrepreneurship programs to enable you to link with angel groups in order to secure funding.

Below is a breakdown of all the programs in the various categories OCE offers:

Industry-Academic R&D collaboration programs: Collaboration Voucher Program, Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program, Connected Vehicle/Automated Vehicle Program, TalentEdge Internship/Fellowship program and finally Explore Program.

Commercialization Programs: Market Readiness, AdvancedHealth Program, Medical Sciences Proof-of-Principle, China Angels Mentorship Program, AdvancedEducation Program and the Health Technologies Fund.

Entrepreneurship Programs: On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities, Campus-Linked Accelerators, SmartStart Seed Fund, Young Entrepreneurs Make Your Pitch, Ontario Social Impact Voucher Program and finally, GlobalStart Voucher Pilot Program.

Strategic Initiatives: High Performance Computing, Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation, Industrial & Technological Benefits Partnership Opportunity, TargetGHG, and The I3 Project.

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