SDTC: Investing in the world of clean-tech

The recent Paris Climate deal and Three Amigos Summit clean power deal, showcases the world’s governments are serious about climate change. It proves these governments are willing to invest heavily in clean technology to curb their emissions. The Liberal federal government is no exception, the feds increased funding for the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) from $500 million to $1.1 billion dollars for the year 2016.  

How the funding works?

SDTC distributes their funding via a partnership support model which seeks to encourage collaborations to pilot and test new innovations in clean tech. On this model, the SDTC and company both provide one-third of the total funding with the balance  coming from a funding round, investor support or self-funding. This way all players have a stake in the game, so to speak, and  have a vested -interest in seeing the project completed. Like NRC- IRAP’s programs, SDTC also provides a funding advisor to help coach and evaluate startups through the process of applying and bringing their visions to reality.

What SDTC has available

SDTC Tech Fund: The tech fund has $915 million dollars in capital that is allocated to small and medium enterprises. The fund supports organizations with projects addressing climate change, air quality, clean water and clean soil.

SDTC Natural Gas Fund: This fund is considered complementary to the SDTC tech fund and is supported in collaboration with the Canadian Gas Association contributing $15 million to the three-year, $30 million dollar fund.

SDTC Joint Funds: SDTC has also partnered with the Alberta government to fund clean air and greenhouse gas reduction projects with  a $40 million dollar fund. Alongside this is an innovation fund consisting of $8 million to support development of water technology projects.

How we can help you.

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