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Simplifying grant applications is what we do

At GetGrants, we are your dedicated partners in comprehensive SR&ED and grant writing services. Founded in 2012, our boutique agency was born to serve only the best of Canadian entrepreneurs as they turn groundbreaking ideas into thriving realities. We specialize in fueling the growth of innovative technology startups through expertly crafted government grant proposals to programs such as SDTC, SIF, NGen, DIGITAL, Scale AI and more. Our combined SR&ED/Grant model provides a high-touch approach that has helped deliver tens of millions in non-dilutive funding awards across our client portfolio. What’s more? We offer a free discovery call. Let’s chat about how we can help maximise your chances of tapping into these game-changing funding opportunities and secure your roadmap to success.

We’re Here To Help

GETGRANTS is setup to solve the frustration of applying for Grant funding.  We believe your time is best spent focused on Innovation and Growth, so leave it to us to handle the difficulties of writing Grants and managing SR&ED.

Our Approach

We start by engaging clients we believe in, who are serious about and actively engaged in innovation and research.  Next, we build a roadmap tailored to your company and work year-round, like a trusted advisor to deliver success.  We setup best practices and guide you so you don’t waste your time.


Tax Credit on R&D Annual Evidence Collection Claim, Prep, File, Defend

What Makes Us Different

Year round support for both SR&ED and Grants

Makes Sense

Government Grants

All key programs SR&ED, IRAP, New Hire, Fed Dev, SDTC, NGen, Investments We Match, Write, Guide

Simple Three-Step Process

Lets Connect
Coffee or Call

Find a Fit That Works

Develop a Gameplan
of Options

Roadmap SR&ED & Grants

Divide and Conquer
as a Team

Flexible Pricing

Our Clients


50+ Clients:  Come Join the Family, Selection Based

Core Programs We Support

We focus on Canadian Technology Businesses who are driven to grow, create and do cool stuff!

Research Tax Credit Return
IRAP Application
Canadian R&D Funding
NEW HIRE Funding
Training & Education
Export Travel & Expansion
FedDev Ontario
Investment Loans, CME-Smart
CleanTech Funding

How Our Model Works

Our boutique agency approach targets cutting-edge Canadian Tech firms who are serious about achieving ongoing funding results.  We work as a support team behind the scenes to make you look like superstars.  You get our templates, in-person support, and transparent pricing in one tailored package to fit your business.

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